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Little Things: Linda Ronstadt, “You’re No Good” (1974)

I had it planned: the last post before my exit (Outro #5, still coming) was to be on Little Feat, returning to the first band featured on this site. But while I was in the neighborhood of 1974 I dawdled … Continue reading

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Supernormal Stimulus: The Huge Guitar Tone

Father’s Day 2013 I first read about the supernormal stimulus in one of Joseph Campbell’s books where he was explaining religious psychology in terms of the captivating power of exaggerated attributes.[1] He cited Niko Tinbergen’s observation that a male grayling … Continue reading

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Teen Pathos: Linda Ronstadt, “Hurt So Bad” (1980)

For anyone who wants to contemplate the do-or-die emotions of teenagers from the distance of  adulthood, Linda Ronstadt’s Mad Love album is one of the best resources. Yes, I love Mad Love, though I know one might cringe at these … Continue reading

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