Table of Contents

:  Have you ever said Yes to a single joy? 6/14/09

Ways of Starting

How Wrong Is Right:  The Leading Tone in Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken” (1973) 6/15/09

Wrongfooting:  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, “Woodstock” (1970) 9/5/09

From Chaos to Cosmos (and back):  Steppenwolf, “Magic Carpet Ride” (1968) 1/22/10

A Search for Roots:  The Rays, Be Alone Tonight (1988) 3/19/10

Homecoming Hooks:  The Byrds, “Dolphin’s Smile” (1968) 7/9/10

How He Got Me On His Side:  Chris Whitley, “Living With The Law” (1991) 9/24/10

The Greatest Rock Phrasing:  Aretha Franklin, “Respect” (1967) 4/15/11

The Avant Hook:  The Byrds, “Eight Miles High” (1966) 2/10/12

Opening the Secret Door: The Story, “When Two And Two Are Five” (1993) 3/9/12

Non-Obvious: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, “All Along The Watchtower” (1968) 7/26/13

Temple Dogs of Reverb: Grizzly Bear, “While You Wait For The Others” (2009) 9/6/13

Across the Threshold and Into the Song: It’s a Beautiful Day, “White Bird” (1969) 1/19/20


Is Your Baby Going to Be Black or White?  Michael Jackson, “Black Or White” (1991) 6/29/09

A Thousand People to Be:  Wilson Pickett, “Land Of A Thousand Dances” (1966) 8/29/09

When I’m a Young Dude:  Mott the Hoople, “All The Young Dudes” (1972) 12/4/09

Ports of Call:  Sonny Landreth, “The U.S.S. Zydeoldsmobile” (2000) 4/30/10

Just Like Me (If I Say So):  Paul Simon, “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” (1975) 8/20/10

As if Truly Wild:  The Wild Tchoupitoulas, “Brother John” (1976) 3/4/11

Barbarians ‘R’ Us:  Béla Bartók, “Allegro Barbaro” (1911) and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, “The Barbarian” (1970) 3/25/11

The Greatest Rock Phrasing:  Aretha Franklin, “Respect” (1967) 4/15/11

Queer:  Queen, “We Are The Champions” (1977) 4/29/11

The Who-It-Is Hook:  James Taylor as God in Randy Newman’s Faust (1995) 5/13/11

The Saddest but Greatest Chorus:  The Band, “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” (1969) 5/30/11

The Auteur Hook: The Honeydogs, “Wilson Boulevard” (2000) 1/27/12

Autonymous: Big Star, “O My Soul” (1974) 5/5/12

The Filial Hook: Johnny Rivers, “Memphis” (1964) 9/13/13

And Now, a Hook from Our Sponsor 12/22/14

The Greatest/Worst “I”: John Lennon, “I Found Out” (1970) 1/19/18

Honest: Dire Straits, “Sultans of Swing” (1978) 2/12/18

The “She” Surmise: The Zombies, “She’s Not There” (1964) 8/24/19

Arrangements and Sounds

The Big Bend:  Joni Mitchell, “Court And Spark” (1974) 8/8/09

Coming to Get You—The Most Overwhelming Rock Sound: Smashing Pumpkins, “Pissant” (1993) 9/12/09

Squeeze Me, Drag Me:  Al Green, “Here I Am (Come And Take Me)” (1973) 10/17/09

What Silence Says:  U2, “Seconds” (1983) 12/11/09

Being in the Midst:  Sly & the Family Stone, “Stand!” (1969) 1/8/10

The Orchestral:  The Who, “Sparks” (1969) 2/5/10

The Trouble with Horns:  Steely Dan, “My Old School” (1973) and Ani DiFranco, “Promised Land” (2003) 2/19/10

What’s in a Song?  43 Versions of “Sunshine Of Your Love” 3/26/10

Scraping It Down:  Let’s Active, “Talking To Myself” (1986) 4/9/10

The Infinity Hook:  Quicksilver Messenger Service, “Who Do You Love?” (1969) 5/14/10

Playing the Band:  Jefferson Airplane, “Other Side Of This Life” (1969) 6/4/10

The Death Hook:  The Grateful Dead, “Black Peter” (1970) 7/30/10

Harmony as Event:  The Beatles, “Hey Jude” (1968) 8/27/10

Are You Coming or Going?  Neil Young, “Cinnamon Girl” (1969) 10/8/10

Immortal Clatter:  The Young Rascals, “It’s Wonderful” (1967) 11/5/10

Springy:  Yes, “I’ve Seen All Good People” (1971) 1/14/11

Singing or Not:  X, “Universal Corner” (1981) 1/21/11

For the Best Good Time:  Fountains of Wayne, “Denise” (1999) 3/18/11

Kidnapped, or, The Adventure of Displacement:  Prince, “When Doves Cry” (1984) 4/1/11

The Greatest Rock Phrasing:  Aretha Franklin, “Respect” (1967) 4/15/11

The Sun Came Out:  Fugazi, “Floating Boy” (1998) and Laura Nyro, “Mercy On Broadway” (1969)  4/22/11

Sweet Juice:  Thomas Dolby, “Leipzig” (1981) 5/4/11

The Landslide Hook:  Mahavishnu Orchestra, “Dawn” (1971) 5/20/11

Walking Like a Man:  Robert Johnson, “Preaching Blues” (1939) 5/27/11

Locked Up:  Martha and the Vandellas, “Heat Wave” (1963) 6/14/11

When the Hook Is Just the Whole Darn Thing:  Jackson Browne, “Doctor My Eyes” (1972) 6/24/11

Cool and Cool Again:  Robin Holcomb, “Hand Me Down All Stories” (1990) 7/8/11

The Hook No One Expects:  Jefferson Airplane, “Last Wall Of The Castle” (1967) 7/15/11

The Drop and The Lift:  Mitch Easter, “1 1/2 Way Street” (2007) and Pearl Jam, “Brain Of J” (1998)  11/18/11

The Greatest Bass Note:  Nirvana, “Heart Shaped Box” (1993) 12/30/11

The Two Towers: Z Z Top, “La Grange” (1973) 6/1/12

The Hook of Foreign Praise: Alannah Myles, “Black Velvet” (1989) 6/15/12

Recycled Garbage: Spirit, “Fresh Garbage” (1968) and Beck/Orbit/Pink, “Feel Good Time” (2003) 6/22/12

Getting the Clap: Neil Diamond, “Cherry Cherry” (1966) 6/29/12

A Kind of “Hush!”: Spoon, “Everything Hits At Once” (2001) 7/13/12

The Note that Nails: Spoon, “The Book I Write” (2006) 7/20/12

Too Good: Derek and the Dominos, “Bell Bottom Blues” (1970) 9/7/12

It’s All Hooks: Let’s Active, “Won’t Go Wrong” (1986) 9/14/12

Metasinging: Jeff Beck, “Over The Rainbow” (2010) 5/13/13

Orogeny: Split Enz, “History Never Repeats” (1981) 6/14/13

Supernormal Stimulus: The Huge Guitar Tone 6/16/13

That Guy as Those Guys: The La’s, “I Can’t Sleep” (1990) 7/5/13

Speed Tease: Hüsker Dü, “Newest Industry” (1984) 7/18/13

Sax Discipline: Little Willie John, “I’m Shakin'” (1960) 8/16/13

Biting Down: The Allman Brothers, “Statesboro Blues” (1971) 8/23/13

The Hippogriff: Poco, “Hurry Up” etc. (1970) 10/11/13

The Connector Hook 10/25/13

The Leapfrog Hook: Led Zeppelin, “Heartbreaker” live (1972) 2/16/14

Improvised: Jimi Hendrix, “Star Spangled Banner” (1969) and John Bonham, “Moby Dick” (1970) 6/14/14

Improvised, continued: Derek Bailey, “Moment” (2000) 6/27/14

Getting Under My Skin: John Hiatt, “Something Happens” (1982) 6/5/15

Perfect Flailing: Sebadoh, “Hillbilly II” (1996) 6/14/15

Half Steps: Jack Bruce, “The Consul At Sunset” (1971) 6/20/15

Forward Progress: Suddenly, Tammy!, “Hard Lesson” (1995) 7/24/15

The Thought of Wising Up: Aimee Mann, “Wise Up” (1996) 9/10/15

Advanced Riffs: Radiohead 1997-2011 10/6/15

Fluency: Robben Ford, “Talk To Your Daughter” (1988) 1/1/16

Chops (Piano Edition): Billy Joel, “Prelude” (1976) 10/19/16

Too Beautiful: Small Faces, “Itchycoo Park” (1967) 8/31/17

Scary: The Who, “I Can See For Miles” (1967) 9/17/17

Stepping Up: The Association, “Windy” (1967) 10/1/17

Just Stay There: Beck, “Dreams” (2015) 10/27/17

The Phantom of the You: The Young Rascals, “How Can I Be Sure” (1967) 11/3/17

Comfortably Together: Traffic, “Heaven Is In Your Mind” (1967) 12/1/17

When Did Pat Most Get to You? The Smithereens, “Listen To Me Girl” & “I Don’t Want To Lose You” (1986) 12/13/17

The Combination: Baby Animals, “Painless” (1991) 3/2/18

Inventor of Styles: Jorma Kaukonen on Baxter’s (1967) 1/12/19

The Octave that Reaches: Roy Orbison, “Blue Bayou” (1963) 1/26/19

The Forgetting Hook: The American Breed, “Bend Me, Shape Me” (1967) 2/23/19

Infectious: The Isley Brothers, “Twist And Shout” (1962) 3/13/20

Chord Arguments

The Greatest Chord:  XTC, “Another Satellite” (1985) 11/20/09

Triumphant Return to Four Chords:  Mutemath, “Typical” (2007) [Four Chords I] 11/12/10

Squaring the Circle:  Arcade Fire, “The Suburbs” (2010) [Four Chords II] by Matt Smith 11/19/10

D, A, G, E and E, G, D, A:  The Creation, “Making Time” (1966) & Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Whatever Hippie Bitch” (2000) [Four Chords III] by Richard Grant 11/26/10

Four Chords Round the Heart of the Matter:  Midnight Oil, “Dreamworld” (1987) 3/11/11

The Drop and The Lift:  Mitch Easter, “1 1/2 Way Street” (2007) and Pearl Jam, “Brain Of J” (1998)  11/18/11

Chord as (Other) World:  Queens of the Stone Age, “Song For The Dead” (2003) 1/13/12

Solace Overload: Living Colour, “Solace Of You” (1990) 4/29/13

Hot Spot of Collaboration: The Doors, “The Crystal Ship” (1967) 5/23/13

Expectant: Stone Temple Pilots, “Sour Girl” (2000) 8/30/13

Too Beautiful: Small Faces, “Itchycoo Park” (1967) 8/31/17

The Main Thing that Happened in Hook History in 1967 12/20/17

The Purple Chords: Marshall Crenshaw, “This Is Easy” (1987) 1/19/19

Passions and Attitudes

Trying:  Otis Redding, “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” (1965) 7/13/09

Is Rock Kidding?   The White Stripes, “Seven Nation Army” (2003) 8/1/09

Stressed Out:  Weezer, “No Other One” (1996) 11/27/09

How God Rocks:  Maria Muldaur, “As An Eagle Stirreth In Her Nest” (1976) 12/25/09

Rock Hope:  The Long Ryders, “I Had A Dream” (1984) 1/1/10

Imitation of Life or Life Itself?  Bad Company, “Feel Like Makin’ Love” (1975) 6/11/10

Teen Pathos:  Linda Ronstadt, “Hurt So Bad” (1980) 7/23/10

Gross Me Out/In:  The Butthole Surfers, “Lady Sniff” (1984) 10/1/10

The Furious Gentleman:  Richard Thompson, “Tear-Stained Letter” (1983) 12/15/10

Non-Mature:  Jerry Lee Lewis, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” (1957) 12/31/10

Prince Not Charming:  Elvis Costello, “Watching The Detectives” (1977) 2/4/11

Most Potent Blend:  Talking Heads, “Creatures Of Love” (1985) 2/11/11

Imagination Is the Boss:  The Pretenders, “Brass In Pocket” (1979) 2/25/11

Barbarians ‘R’ Us:  Béla Bartók, “Allegro Barbaro” (1911) and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, “The Barbarian” (1970) 3/25/11

Queer:  Queen, “We Are The Champions” (1977) 4/29/11

Oozing Restraint:  Irma Thomas, “Ruler Of My Heart” (1963) 11/25/11

The Bolt of the Sublime: The Rolling Stones, “Gimme Shelter” (1969) 3/23/12

Shout-Out to the Spouse: The Pretenders, “Thumbelina” (1984) 5/25/12

Getting the Clap: Neil Diamond, “Cherry Cherry” (1966) 6/29/12

The Anger Hook: Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Fortunate Son” (1969) 8/17/12

Lightness: Deerhoof, “Scream Team” (2005) 8/24/12

Fretting the Fire: Ronald Dyson and Walter Harris, “What A Piece Of Work Is Man” (1968) 2/15/13

Biblical: Bruce Springsteen, “Adam Raised A Cain” (1978) 6/23/13

Beats Happiness: The dB’s, “We Were Happy There” (1982) 7/11/13

The Biggest Wish: Three Dog Night, “Shambala” (1973) 9/27/13

Outro #3: Good and Evil in the Garden of Hooks 11/1/13

The Greatest Point: Nilsson, “The Most Beautiful World In The World” (1972) 9/1/15

The Creepiest Love Trope: The Philosopher Kings, “All To Myself” (1994) 11/1/15

Creepy Love #2, “So fine”: Jefferson Airplane, “Watch Her Ride” (1967) 11/15/15

Great Love, “My man”: Laura Nyro, “Tom Cat Goobye” (1969) 12/1/15

Outro #4: On Paying Tribute 1/13/16

Joy: The Beatles, “Here Comes The Sun” (1969) 4/1/18

Creepiest Love Tropes #3, “Our love”: The Beach Boys, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (1966) 2/10/19

Candor and the Bridge: Frank Black and the Catholics, “Bullet” (2001) 2/16/19

Outro #6: The Burr 3/9/19

Creepiest Love Tropes #4, “Just the way you are”: Bryan Adams & Tina Turner, “It’s Only Love” (1985) 4/26/19

Around the Mouse: Walt Disney Records, “Mickey and Minnie On A Moonlit Night” (1987) 10/5/19

The Unassumer: Bobby Charles, “Small Town Talk” (1972) 2/2/20

The Direct: Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul, “Solidarity” (1984) and Comet Gain, “We’re All Fucking Morons” (2019) 3/4/20

Shouts, Screams, and Words

The Greatest Scream (with words):  The Pixies, “Monkey Gone to Heaven” (1989) 8/22/09

The Greatest “Fuck You”:   Hole, “I Think That I Would Die” (1993) 7/19/09

Rock Laughs:  Dion, “Lovers Who Wander” (1962) 7/25/09

Hook Squared: Them, “Gloria” (1964) x Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” (1977) 9/19/09

The Best Word: Eva Cassidy, “People Get Ready” (1996) 10/9/09

The Greatest “Yeah, Yeah”:  The Clash, “Clash City Rockers” (1978) 10/30/09

Truth as an Allusion:  Jefferson Airplane, “White Rabbit” (1967) 11/13/09

Diction Hooks:  Guided By Voices, “Pivotal Film” (2001) 1/29/10

The Naked:   Björk, “Big Time Sensuality” (1993) 2/26/10

The Simple:  The Silos, “Mary’s Getting Married” (1987) 3/5/10

Talking Satellites:  Rickie Lee Jones, “Satellite” (1989) 5/7/10

The Simplistic:  Joe Jackson, “Wild West” (1986) 5/28/10

The Best Falsetto Word:  The New Pornographers, “Crash Years” (2010) 9/3/10

Count Your Blessings:  Los Lobos, “Good Morning Aztlán” (2002) 10/15/10

The Greatest “Baby”:  Bob Dylan, “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” (1967) and Glee Cast, “River Deep, Mountain High” (2010) 12/24/10

The Magic Word Is “Tragic”: The Police, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” (1981) 1/7/11

What the Cymbal Said:  Squeeze, “Tempted” (1981) 6/3/11

The Critic’s Hook: Greil Marcus (1975) on Sly & the Family Stone (1971) 12/9/11

The Greatest Line: Randy Newman, “Sail Away” (1972) 4/6/12

That’s a Triple, No, Quadruple Affirmative: Gladys Knight and The Pips, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” (1967) 4/20/12

Whoa-Yeah! The JudyBats, “Margot Known As Missy” (1992) 5/18/12

Aposiopetic: The Punch Brothers, “Rye Whiskey” (2010) 7/6/12

Say You Want a Revolution: Living Colour, “Information Overload” (1990) 8/3/12

For Her to Say: Sleater-Kinney, “The Fox” (2005) 8/31/12

The Extra “Uh”: The Byrds, “So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” (1967) 6/5/13

Biblical, Take Two: Bob Dylan, “Highway 61 Revisited” (1965) 6/30/13

Killer Trochees: The Temptations, “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” (1966) 8/9/13

When Happening Happens: Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth” (1967) and Rickie Lee Jones, “Tell Somebody (Repeal The Patriot Act)” (2003) 10/4/13

The Boy Hook: The Zombies, “Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914)” (1968) 7/28/14

Classic Unique: Fiona Apple, “Extraordinary Machine” (2005) 9/17/15

Greatest Dylan Hooks 10/13/16

Logical Investigations: Everything Everything, “Fortune 500” (2015) 1/5/19

Jumbled: Amazing Rhythm Aces, “Hit The Nail On The Head” (1975) 2/2/19

Plain: Sloan, “Underwhelmed” (1992) 3/2/19

The Greatest “New Orleans”: The Animals, “House Of The Rising Sun” (1964) 1/5/20


Odd Meter:  Pink Floyd, “Money” (1973) 7/2/09

Killer Tempo:  Led Zeppelin, “Since I’ve Been Loving You” (1970) 8/15/09

Killer Tempo Shift:  The Beatles, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” (1967) 10/3/09

Killer Changes of Time Signature . . . Led Zeppelin, “Black Dog” (1971) by Andrew Goodwin 10/18/09

Lost Meter:  Radiohead, “How To Disappear Completely” (2000) 2/12/10

The Sticky:  The Rolling Stones, “Honky Tonk Women” (1969) 3/12/10

Smoking:  Cactus, “Parchman Farm” (1970) 4/23/10

The Grand Staircase to the Source of Music and Life:  King Crimson, “VROOOM” (1995) 5/21/10

Killer Tempo, Fast (Not Quite Too Too Fast):  The Replacements, “Kids Don’t Follow” (1982) 6/18/10

Big Arc in Little Time:  The Association, “You May Think” (1966) 8/6/10

Rock Waltz?  John Hiatt, “Cry Love” (1995) 8/13/10

The Divine Fermata:  Cream, “White Room” (1968) 9/17/10

When Its Your Turn, Lurch Forward:  Chagall Guevara, “Play God” (1991) 1/28/11

As if Truly Wild:  The Wild Tchoupitoulas, “Brother John” (1976) 3/4/11

Shifty:  Santana, “Black Magic Woman” (1970) 4/8/11

The Study of Funk:  Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, “Sometimes I Wonder” (2002) 6/10/11

Oddly Not Odd Meter: Jethro Tull, “A New Day Yesterday” (1969) 2/24/12

Killer Trochees: The Temptations, “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” (1966) 8/9/13

The Justice and Mercy Beat: Michelle Shocked, “Quality Of Mercy” (1996) 9/20/13

Intensity Ruse: Joan Osborne, “Right Hand Man” (1995) 10/18/13

The Ten-Year Hook: The Rolling Stones, “Rocks Off” (1972) 8/19/15

Spanner in the Works: Weaves, “Scream” (2017) 1/2/18

Am I Early? XTC, “Earn Enough For Us” (1986) 3/16/18

In Our Own Good Time: Little Feat, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor” (1974) 4/14/18

Giving Us a Hard Time: Little Feat, “Fat Man In The Bathtub” (1973) 5/6/18

Little Things: Linda Ronstadt, “You’re No Good” (1974) 5/18/18

Command the -And: Alabama Shakes, “Dunes” (2015) 10/19/19

Dogged Tempo: Los Lobos, “Made To Break Your Heart” (2015) 1/26/20

Groove Alchemy: Band of Gypsys, “Power Of Soul” (1970) by Eric Griffin 2/14/20

Charged: The Clash, “Clampdown” (1979) 7/25/20

Ways of Ending

The Happy Last Chance:  The Assemblers, “Media Mind” (2002) 7/22/11

Experiments of Ending: Everything But The Girl, “Before Today” (1996) 7/27/12

The Tangent and the Tease: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, “Long Hard Book” (2011) 12/21/19

Other Issues

Stealth Hooks:  Prince, “Little Red Corvette” (1982) 9/26/09

Slamming History:  Jawbox, “Mirrorful” (1996) 10/23/09

Perfect? A. C. Newman, “Miracle Drug” (2004) 11/7/09

Nifting:  Booker T. & the MGs, “Green Onions” (1962) 1/15/10

A Waste of Hooks? or, The Problem of the Negahook:  Gnarls Barkley, “Who Cares?” (2006) 4/2/10

Where Solos Take Us, and How:  The Zombies, “Time Of The Season” (1968) 4/16/10

The Anthemic:  Pearl Jam, “In Hiding” (1998) 7/16/10

Essence of Beat:  Steely Dan, “Time Out Of Mind” (1980) 9/10/10

The Hook as the Peak:  Fleetwood Mac, “You Make Loving Fun” (1977) 10/29/10

Significant Form Traces Pleasure and Pain:  Led Zeppelin, “Whole Lotta Love” (1969) by Andrew Goodwin 12/3/10

The Structural Hook:  Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb” (1979) 12/10/10

The Max, or, the Milton Babbitt Hook 2/1/11

When a Thing Sings 7/1/11

Outro: Rock Aesthetics, or, What I’ve Learned So Far 8/3/11

The Rock Video Hook: The Rolling Stones, “Love Is Strong,” directed by David Fincher (1994) 12/16/11

Avant-Garde by Accident: Outsider Music by Stanley Elvis MacDonald 2/18/12

Your Cheatin’ Hook: Low, “Missouri” (1999) 6/8/12

The Battle: Joni Mitchell, “Don’t Interrupt The Sorrow” (1975) 8/10/12

Outro #2: On Landscape Metaphors in Music Appreciation 9/21/12

The Mistake: Kenny Loggins, “I’m Alright” (1980) 8/2/13

Outro #5: What Is Tuning In? 6/1/18

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